Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are the skills you acquire and transfer to future employment settings. Common examples include interpersonal, communication, leadership and organizational skills.

Give yourself some credit.

While you may or may not have a great deal of work experience at this stage in the game, you likely have more transferable skills than you realize.

Past Experience, Future Value

On the following list, identify the skills you have acquired or demonstrated through your jobs, campus activities or academic projects. This will help you choose which skills to include on your resume. There are undoubtedly more to consider, but this gives you a good place to start.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Relating well with others
  • Assisting others
  • Responding to concerns
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Motivating people
  • Being a team player

Organization Skills

  • Follow-through
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Multitasking
  • Planning
  • Setting and attaining goals
  • Time management

Leadership Skills

  • Decision-making
  • Delegating
  • Evaluating
  • Initiating
  • Managing
  • Motivating others
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Supervising
  • Team-building

Communication Skills

  • Advising
  • Articulating
  • Explaining
  • Instructing
  • Persuading or selling
  • Presenting
  • Public speaking
  • Training
  • Translating
  • Writing & editing